Source code for signac_dashboard.modules.document_editor

# Copyright (c) 2019 The Regents of the University of Michigan
# All rights reserved.
# This software is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.
from signac_dashboard.module import Module
from flask import render_template, request, abort
from jinja2 import escape
from jinja2.exceptions import TemplateNotFound
from collections import OrderedDict
from ast import literal_eval

[docs]class DocumentEditor(Module): """Provides an interface to edit the job document. This module shows keys in the job document with a form that allows users to edit their contents. When saving, the edited strings are parsed into JSON-compatible Python data structures (e.g., :py:class:`list` and :py:class:`dict`). Job document keys beginning with an underscore :code:`_` are treated as private and are not displayed. """ def __init__(self, name='Document Editor', context='JobContext', template='cards/document_editor.html', **kwargs): super().__init__(name=name, context=context, template=template, **kwargs) def get_cards(self, job): doc = OrderedDict(sorted(job.document.items(), key=lambda t: t[0])) for key in doc: if key.startswith('_'): # Don't allow users to edit "private" keys that begin with _ del doc[key] else: doc[key] = escape(repr(doc[key])) return [{'name':, 'content': render_template( self.template, document=doc, jobid=job._id)}] def register(self, dashboard): # Register routes'/module/document_editor/update', methods=['POST']) def document_editor_update(): jobid = request.form.get('jobid') job = dashboard.project.open_job(id=jobid) for key, value in request.form.items(): if key.startswith('doc:'): key = key[4:] try: job.doc[key] = literal_eval(value) except (SyntaxError, TypeError, ValueError) as e: return "Error in key <strong>{}</strong>: {}".format( key, e), 422 return "Saved."'/module/document_editor/<path:filename>') def document_editor_asset(filename): path = 'document_editor/{}'.format(filename) try: return render_template(path) except TemplateNotFound: abort(404, 'The file requested does not exist.') # Register assets assets = ['js/document_editor.js'] for assetfile in assets: dashboard.register_module_asset({ 'file': 'templates/document_editor/{}'.format(assetfile), 'url': '/module/document_editor/{}'.format(assetfile) })